Oketch Joe

As a Chemical Analyst and a Health Content Writer, Oketch Joe uses both his academic and professional knowledge to break the scientific concepts into easy-to-read content to help people understand how they relate with their bodies.

How to Get Relentless Skin Beauty (No Matter Your Age)

Let’s face it.

When people look at your face, two things might happen:

They either stare at the beauty your glowing skin paints…

Or they look away.

When people keep staring at your facial beauty with admiration like superglue, it makes you think:

“I‘m pretty; I deserve big in life.“

But when people look away like a flash on a pan, you might wonder:

“How can I get a glowing skin.“

Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight? (Even When You’re Overly Determined)

It is common for millions of people to make resolutions to lose weight. Resolutions that usually fizzle out around the new year.

And some of you reading this have already started Googling around for weight loss program, figuring that any problem is easier to solve if you throw some money at it.

But also, as many serious people who aim at losing weight, you probably have a low tolerance for BS. So one thing you’ll find out, for instance, most weight loss programs have a failure rate of 97% over the long term. After five years, only 3% can say they had reached their goal and keep it off.