Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Oketch Joe is part a chemical scientist, part writer who speacilize in creation of health content that keeps you incharge no matter your condition. So he founded  Universal Health and Beauty.

For doctors, medical practitioners, Nutritionists, or any health site owners, Universal Health & Beauty presents masterly curated health content that discovers irreplicable brand DNA and communicate it to the world. Check the full catalogue of our services here.

For our readers, Universal Health and Beauty scrapes every corner of the web, handpicking and analyzing the correct information, to get you health content that puts you incharge of your body and mind.

It isn’t cheap–and for a good reason. When you work with me, you’re partnering with a highly experienced strategist. I’ll develop messaging that get you more prospects. Good content costs $$$ but bad content costs you more. You can view my pricing in my done-for-you package here.

I feel you! As a fellow entrepreneur, I know this budget thing can be tough. But pristine content doesn’t come cheap.

Contact me here by completing a short form with your details. If I can help you reach your goals, we’ll schedule a 20 minutes call to discuss your project and see if you’re a good fit. Once we’ve ironed out the details I’ll send you a detailed proposal to review. Approve the proposal, sign the contract, and make the 50% deposit, a timeline, and kickoff session will follow.

Currently, Universal Health & Beauty has no physical location.

Universal Health & Beauty

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